We deny to claim "any Superiority to ourself
to defyne, decyde, or determyn any Article or Poynt
of the Christian Fayth and Relligion,
or to chang any Ancient Ceremony of the Church
from the Forme before received and observed
by the Catholick and Apostolick Church."

Norman Simplicity

Norman Simplicity
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Thursday, March 13, 2014


Certainly not as an act of self-censorship, but rather as a way to avoid 'pot-stirring' and 'pillow-sobbing', anything of a even slightly polemical nature, involving persons, has reverted to draft. I have no need to drive traffic to this blog (or 'to strike chords') and its subject remains, as always, 'Anglican patrimony'.

Nonne ecce verbum super datum bonum?
sed utraque cum homine justificato.
Stultus acriter improperabit:
et datus indisciplinati tabescere facit oculos.

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