We deny to claim "any Superiority to ourself
to defyne, decyde, or determyn any Article or Poynt
of the Christian Fayth and Relligion,
or to chang any Ancient Ceremony of the Church
from the Forme before received and observed
by the Catholick and Apostolick Church."

Norman Simplicity

Norman Simplicity
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Tridentine / Anglopapal Tradition

While this no longer describes what I would desire [Who cares?], I appreciate that they are completely upfront about it. But how will this play with the 'Novus Ordinary', who has stated: "... as the Extraordinary Form is not integral to the Anglican patrimony, it is not properly used in our communities." Will there be a Last Gospel after all?

I am not interested in a ceremonial with an excessive inclination towards the kissing of people and things. But I am equally as uninterested in the versus populum of the Ordinariate, as I am in the "hands waving in the air" of GAFCON. I want neither friendly nor ecstatic but solemn, sober, manly, and contemplative. I must be the only Anglican Cistercian. Sigh.



  2. I can see how confusions arose from Msgr. Steenson's statement, but a comment is in order here: In our Ordinariate group, every Sunday's mass is celebrated ad orientem. There are also the missal options: prayers at the foot of the altar, last gospel, etc. I believe this is more or less standard for all Ordinariate groups, but there is some variation.