We deny to claim "any Superiority to ourself
to defyne, decyde, or determyn any Article or Poynt
of the Christian Fayth and Relligion,
or to chang any Ancient Ceremony of the Church
from the Forme before received and observed
by the Catholick and Apostolick Church."

Norman Simplicity

Norman Simplicity
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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Translatio imperii

Mark Steyn:

... I'm Islamed out. I'm tired of Islam 24/7, at Colorado colleges, Marseilles synagogues, Sydney coffee shops, day after day after day.

After all, as I see it, the real war is one to be waged against ourselves.

So, the only thought I have is The Great Escape.

The only question then becomes which Ultima Thule?


The farthest North continuously inhabited?

Mad world.

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