We deny to claim "any Superiority to ourself
to defyne, decyde, or determyn any Article or Poynt
of the Christian Fayth and Relligion,
or to chang any Ancient Ceremony of the Church
from the Forme before received and observed
by the Catholick and Apostolick Church."

Norman Simplicity

Norman Simplicity
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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Transitional forms

I recently scooped up a bunch of missalettes from the 1960s. Perhaps one day I shall subject them to greater scrutiny.

I doubt they contain anything that will shed light on this question, though:

It seems to imply that a thorough recasting of the Roman liturgy had already been decided upon and there was no changing course.

I have yet to discover a satisfactory proposal as to why the old liturgy in the vernacular (essentially the Missal of 1965) was not a practical option.

One similar unexamined topic might be other temporary and transitional liturgical forms, such as this one, from 1964. It already goes way, way beyond 1965, it appears:

There is some discussion of this strange entity here. I know nothing, unfortunately. Nada.

Zeitgeist, anyone?

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